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Scottdale, GA  30079-0271

    Telephone Numbers - (404) 630-9431

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The Gospel Incredibles, a group with many ties to the State of South Carolina,  started their signing ministry in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia.  God gave them the vision, and it was not long before it became a reality. 

The original members of The Gospel Incredibles were Rev. Galbert  R. Conner, Jr., Rev. Clark N. Conner, Bobby Hodo, Willie Hodo, Claude Tent, Willard Mayhan, Horace Williams and Clarence Conner.  The Conner brothers are from  McClellanville, South Carolina.

God blessed the group to record their first album "I Want To Be Loved" which became a hit and carried the group around the country with some of the great gospel artists of our time.  The group was then signed to a recording contract with Perfection Sounds Records.  They recorded five (5) albums during the seven (7) years they were with Perfection Sounds Records. 

In 1985, the group was reorganized and at that time, Fred Searcy, Johnny Holmes, Chris Cato,  Rev. Clark N. Conner, and Sam Conner joined the group.  Today the group consists of Rev. Galbert Conner,. Jr., Clarence Conner, Sam Conner, Galbert Conner III, Willie Ellis, Fred Searcy, Rev. Clark N. Conner, Ralph Lovette, Anthony Ferrabee, Milton Williams and Jerry Anderson. 

The Gospel Incredibles were named the 2002 Quartet of the Year by World Mission Productions, National Gospel Music Awards.  They are not only vocally talented, but are also lyrically talented.  They have written most of their songs.  Their latest project "Dedicated To Jesus" says it all.  They are truly dedicated to their ministry.

The Gospel Incredibles travels a great deal on the east coast and the mid south.  Thy have made a name for themselves among gospel music fans.  These 27 year veterans are geared and suited with the Armour of "God" and are ready to do battle on behalf of the Lord.