Rev. Dr. Rosa Belle Jackson Kendrick Dotson

Rosa Belle was born September 28, 1948.  She was married to John Thomas Kendrick who preceded her in death.  In September 1990, she married Hurchell Dotson.  Her father, Deacon Troy Jackson, Sr. also preceded her in death.  Her mother is General Elder Viola Jackson.


She was educated at the Atkinson County Training School, Pearson, Georgia.  She earned a B.A. Degree in Sociology from Paine College, Augusta, Georgia, a M.S. in Special Education from Valdosta State University, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Nova University, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Affectionately called Rosa or Rose, she began her teaching career at Bacon County Elementary School, in Alma, Georgia.  She then taught at Willacoochee Elementary School and Matt Wilson Elementary School.  She served as Special Education Instructor and Special Education Coordinator for Terrell County.  She once was a candidate for School Superintendent of Terrell County, Georgia.


At a very young age she began singing at the House of God Church, Willacoochee, Georgia.  She taught her sisters to harmonize from which was borne a female quartet named The Jacksonettes.  This group eventually became Brothers and Sisters featuring Elder Troy Jackson.  Although, in 1990, she and her husband began singing as The Dotson Singers, she continued to sing with Brothers and Sisters.  As a result of the early teaching of Rose, the entire Jackson family has become well known in the gospel music industry. 


She was appointed choir director and musician for the House of God Senior Choir of Willacoochee.  Always singing anointed, up-to-date songs, this choir, set the tone for all future choirs of the House of God.  Later, while attending Paine College, Rose organized a radio choir under the auspices of the late Bishop Alfonso Jackson of Thomson, Georgia.  She set up choirs in House of God Churches in Plains and Bronwood.  She also became choir director/musician for the House of God Diocese Choir under the auspices of Bishop H. L. Harrison.  


In 1980, Rosa became an ordained deaconess and became president of the Deaconess' Union.  Later, she became an ordained minister and became pastor of the House of God Church, Bronwood, Georgia.  She served faithfully in her pastoral duties and was also an organist.  Her fiery command of congregational signing was always sure to invite the anointing of the Holy Ghost.



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